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How to Do Chandelier Hanging

chandelier hanging

Hanging a chandelier is the perfect way to create an elegant and beautiful focal point in any room. However, many people are intimidated by the thought of hanging a large fixture, especially in a new home. Fortunately, chandelier hanging is not difficult and can be completed by anyone with some basic DIY skills.

How to Determine the Height of a Chandelier Over a Table

When you’re hanging a chandelier over a table, it is important to consider the height of the room’s ceiling and your dining table size as well. The height of the chandelier should be proportional to both of these factors to create a unified look and feel to the entire room.

The average chandelier height should be between 30′′ to 34′′ above the table surface. This is typically a guideline for standard 8-foot ceilings, but it can be adjusted to accommodate ceiling heights that are higher or lower than this.

If you have a taller ceiling, you can adjust the bottom of your chandelier by adding 3′′ to this measurement. This can make a huge difference in how the chandelier looks over a taller table.

How to Measure for the Right Size of a Chandelier

A great rule-of-thumb when shopping for a chandelier is to add 2 to 3 inches to the room’s width and length. This will give you a diameter of the chandelier that will work best for the space.

This calculation is most useful when selecting a chandelier for a room that has a central focal point, such as in a dining room or living room. It also works for long hallways, stairwells and entryways.

How to Determine the Size of a Chandelier

When measuring for the size of a chandelier, use a tape measure to get a read on the room’s width and length. Then, add the numbers together and multiply them by 12 to obtain a rough estimate of how big of a chandelier will fit in the space.

Once you have an approximate size, you can choose your fixture from the wide array of choices available. You’ll also need to decide if you want to mount the light fixture on a ceiling joist or use a shallow pancake electrical box for the fixture to hang from the drywall.

It’s always a good idea to consult the manual for your fixture when deciding on a hanger style. This will help you ensure that the chandelier is properly hung from the ceiling and is secure.

To hang your chandelier, connect the stripped end of the black ceiling wire that carries the current to the stripped end of the white light fixture wire. Then, twist the ends together with a wire nut and attach the nut to the fixture’s canopy or decorative plate. Alternatively, you can use a mounting strap to secure the canopy or decorative plate. After completing the installation, you should be able to enjoy the beauty of your chandelier in your home.